"wearing it out"

Friday, September 20, 2013

Back when I was a notorious camwhore during my teen years (circa 2004 - 2009), I used to have a section here about what I wore. Of course, it wasn't done very thoughtfully and it was just posts-upon-posts of my face.

Well, ever since the implementation of Instagram into my life, I have decided to start this section up again, adding a bit more depth into fashion instead of just a snap and post. Also, I have decided my boyfriend should be a part of this too, since the dresses up most days as well. :)

P/S: Don't expect branded apparels to appear much (LV, Gucci, etc) – I'm a down to earth shopper on a reasonable budget. ;) Expect to see spoils from my shopping spree from my travels to fun places like Chatuchak Market or even Bugis Street. ;)

Hat from H&M, peplum top from Cotton On, Money Bag from Charles & Keith, 
patterned pants from H&M, and heels from Charles & Keith.

Cap from Detroit Red Wings, Top from Puma, 
electric blue pants from H&M, and grey sneakers from Converse.

White studded-leather loop cuff from Cotton On, gold Stanton bracelet from an online blogshop, 
Irony-watch from Swatch, and gold wings ring from H&M.

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