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Friday, April 25, 2014

Living in Malaysia, it is a constant battle keeping our skin oil-free from the harsh weather conditions. It is mostly summer all year round, with either the sun or the rain to contend with. Harsh changes in weather can affect our skin, causing extra production of sebum (or facial oil as we call it) – which can lead to unsightly, oily skin. Dry skin isn't great, but oily skin is quite disastrous as well because it attracts dirt more easily that will lead to acne. Plus, let's face it – oily skin looks kinda gross.

Thank goodness for La Mer's Oil Absorbing Lotion! This is an oil-free formula, that is a potent concentration of La Mer's Miracle Broth™ which is rich in nutrients from hand-harvested sea kelp that is fermented and infused with special ingredients to create this special broth.

The ingredients that make up the Miracle Broth™ are nutrient-rich algae, protective antioxidant extracts and semi-precious stones. All which are put through a delicate process to produce the high quality products we all know and love.

Now the Oil Absorbing Lotion is amazing, because it really does as it says, absorb oil to keep your skin matte and smooth; and very effectively. It is formulated to deliver the same radiance, renewal and suppleness that made the original Crème de la Mer a legend. This, however, is very ideal for warm weather climates because it is not as heavy as the original cream, and it leaves a soft matte finish. Bye bye oily skin!

So I did a sort of test to try out the product. I have normal to oily skin, which means my skin usually gets a little oily by the end of the day (after 5pm). It's kind of annoying especially if you are heading out for an event or party after work hours, and you want to take a lot of photos but you risk getting the dreaded 'shiny face' whenever someone uses flash.

I washed my face as usual with my cleanser, and applied the Oil Absorbing Lotion in place of my usual moisturizer. Don't use too much, just one pump would do. It feels light, and absorbs pretty quickly into the skin, so be sure to dot it around your face areas before pressing it into the skin, otherwise you might need a second pump of lotion. I also love the scent, it's a very pleasant, light scent that doesn't overpower. My face feels moisturized and satin-like right after.

It wasn't easy to take a photo with the cream on my face as it absorbs really quickly into the skin! Please pardon my messy eyebrows.

Love the satin-like smoothness it leaves behind.

The moment I walked out of the house, I started sweating (who doesn't? It's Malaysia!) as I walked to my car. Minutes later after I have settled down and stopped sweating, I used the back of my hand to feel my face. Still feels smooth, not oily. By the end of the day, my skin feels just as smooth and supple with very little traces of oil, but my face doesn't look oily at all! It's a pretty amazing feeling!

Other than the skin on your face, your lips are also affected by harsh weather conditions. Climate changes can easily dry out your lips, especially since it's the thinnest area of your face. That's why we have La Mer's The Lip Balm, which also contains the goodness of the Miracle Broth™and a patented Lip Lipid Complex to nourish, soften and rejuvenate dry lips.

Lots of finger-room to avoid any balm getting under your nails (eek!)

It comes in a jar form, and I usually dislike lip balms that come in jars or pots as the more you use, the deeper you need to dig and the stuff just gets under your nails. Not cool. However, The Lip Balm comes in a wide and shallow jar, which makes finger-dipping easy peasy as there is so much space.

I applied the balm and you can feel (and taste, a little) the cool, refreshing mint flavor that doesn't have a very strong smell. Plus it makes your lips feel soft and moisturized upon application. Lasts very well until I had lunch, then I had to reapply, but only just a bit as my lips were still nice and soft.

La Mer is a legendary pioneer for skincare for a reason, simply because it works. Thank you La Mer for making my skin feel wonderful!

Both the Oil Absorbing Lotion (US$240) and The Lip Balm (US$50) are available online, or in any distributing stores near you. 

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