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Thursday, May 29, 2014

I am currently past my one month duration of the #100happydays challenge. Live updates on my Instagram account, please feel free to follow. (p/s I got some of the days mixed up on my IG, because I'm just bad with numbers...)

If you don't know what the #100happydays challenge is about, please read about it here and view my Day 1-10. For Days 11-20, you can view them in my second post.

Having already gone through at least 30 days of the challenge, I can honestly say that my days are actually much better as I look forward to each day, and searching for the best moment out of it. Before the challenge, I was pretty much content with life, having practiced gratitude daily – which I talked of its importance before in this post. After starting the challenge though, my contented life felt like a hundred times better. Before this, it felt like all I had was the rising sun, and now I feel like the sun had already risen – bright, shining and warm.

"Everything happens for a reason."

Of course, I still had shitty days where work didn't go so well, or I had an argument with a loved one, and a scary experience where my car's radiator nearly got busted. At the end of each day, the #100happydays challenge allows me to take stock of the day and find that silver lining in what seemed to be an awful day. Once you find that little sliver of silver (tongue twister!), things don't seem that bad after all. In fact, it felt like the things that happened were a blessing in disguise.

DAY 21: One of my kittens are learning how to attack shoes, but it's a lesson in progress.
DAY 22: Made burritos with my other half and having Baileys for game night with friends. 
DAY 23: Mommy cat with all her babies, like little black stick-cat figures, during playtime. :)
DAY 24: Received my coveted pair of Stylenanda shoes in the mail (finally!).
DAY 25: Made a porcelain-inspired nail art. Not very good at details but proud enough.
DAY 26: Received new name cards for my blog, and a nice leather-bound pen from Ulysses Nardin.
DAY 27: Attended the Men's Health cover guy reveal party with the two best people I know.
DAY 28: Met up with my college bestie who's another Michelle, after over a year. :)
DAY 29: Had a round of gin rummy with friends (but we forgot to get some gin to sip on!).
DAY 30: Did my own hair for a relative's wedding. I can always count on Percy & Reed to hold it!

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