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Thursday, May 22, 2014

I introduced the #100happydays challenge in a previous post, and also documented my happy days for Day 1 to Day 10. My first ten days are mostly focused on my well-being, with my juice cleanse program underway at the time, as long as the little things alone the way that made me happy, like the beautiful Atlas charm bracelet gift from Tiffany & Co.  and also working on my art.

Let's see how my days up to Day 20 went!

DAY 11: Received my new snakeskin cover for my Kobo Mini from!
DAY 12: Came home to a delicious bacon, spaghetti and salad meal; cooked by my other half. 
DAY 13: An impromptu selfie, that turned out looking real silly. :)
DAY 14: Received a very long and heartwarming email from one of my international readers.
DAY 15: Had a Mother's Day barbecue with my cousins and relatives with loads of lamb.
DAY 16: Bought a pretty pair of shoes from Charles & Keith! Another to add to the collection.
DAY 17: Got my Everlast gloves to start off my new Muay Thai gym classes.
DAY 18: I finally get to check out my pressed roses, after a month of pressing them. Colors all intact!
DAY 19: My brother made the most delicious batch of cookies – soft and chewy!
DAY 20: Attended Tory Burch's Summer 2014 Collection preview, and fell in love with the pieces!

That's all for the recap! You can follow me on Instagram to view them as well.

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