Bright Skin Painted With Summery Colors

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Keeping up to the summer trend, let us all be radiant as the sun, and as colorful as the nature that surrounds us. Who can live without colors? As much as I love black & white, I still love colors – especially when it's paired beautifully!

This summer, NARS has brought us the ultimate poolside setting in an array of colorful palettes! The new NARS Summer 2014 Collection screams sleek bikinis, towering stilettos and provocative power.

As such, one of the most eye-popping eyeshadow palettes they are bringing in features a sharp neon lemon lime paired with an icy lavender. You can also go for a more defined evening look with the golden pewter and lilac snow palette.

Let your skin shine with the help of the Illuminator,  while making those lips pop with a shocking pink touch of shimmery lip gloss.

The NARS Summer Collection 2014 is available at all NARS Cosmetics outlets nationwide.

As much as you need all that fun in the sun, you should also keep your skin protected from sun damage – lest you wake up to find brown spots and uneven skin tone. The new AUPRES Ultimate White range can help see to that. It is a new technology, and formula that helps brighten skin while fighting the woes of dull skin. Who needs dull skin in this summer heat? We want to be glowing, like the setting sun!

The range includes basic skincare products like the Cleansing Foam, Moisture Lotion and the Moisture Emulsion. For a more advanced care, they also have a BB Cream, Eye Gel and an Intensive Spot Serum. These products not only provides brightening, but it also gives hydration and has anti-oxidation qualities to help achieve better skin translucency and brightness. May the sun reflect off you!

The APRES Ultimate White range will be launched this August 2014. Stay tuned!

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