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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ever since starting the #100happydays challenge, life has gone on with it's ups and downs, but with a lot more ups that go much further than the downs. I am truly blessed! Life isn't perfect, but it doesn't have to be. My documentation of the #100happydays challenge is proof that something good happened to me every single day – because there isn't a day where I can find nothing to be grateful for! Everyday is a blessing.

Some of you may have noticed, my blog has become much livelier with a beautiful balance between events, product reviews, my personal posts/views, health and fitness and some nice sprinkling of fashion posts which I had enjoyed doing! Call me crazy, but things have gotten much sweeter ever since I started the challenge. Some people also commented that I have A LOT of cats in my #100happydays (like does that even count? Does it count as cheating?) but in my defense, it's all about what makes me happy right? And my cats do, so cats it is. :)

If you are starting one too, leave me your link, I would love to read all about your experience.

As always, live updates of the challenge is on my Instagram (and also Facebook, but that's for friends only) and the recap for the following days are right here on my blog, feel free to have a look.

DAY 1 – DAY 10
DAY 11 – DAY 20
DAY 21 – DAY 30

DAY 31: Reading a delightful book about (you guessed it) cats! A hardcover bargain from a book fair.
DAY 32: Received my early birthday present from my sister, the Noir Tease from Victoria Secret I always wanted.
DAY 33: Received my golden brush from Sonia Kashuk, all the way from the USA!
DAY 34: My boyfriend bought me the G-Shock with world-time function which I have been wanting. ♥ So much love for this guy!
DAY 35: Had a nice and quiet night with the kittens. They're really getting big and naughty!
DAY 36: Loving my new H&M fringe bag, and also the nice felt & leather document holder I received.
DAY 37: My Modbox arrived in time for me to review all its contents. :)
DAY 38: Had a very lively gathering with my colleagues; drinking beers, Baileys and Auchentoshan from the UK.
DAY 39: Attended the preview of H&M's Autumn/Winter collection, with some sweet goodies to take home with me.
DAY 40: For World Flowers' Day, Piaget sends a handsome rep to give us ladies bouquets of flowers. :)

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