H&M's Green-Conscious, Blue Denim

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

This October, H&M will be introducing their latest Conscious Denim. This collection will feature pieces made for men, women and kids – using more sustainable materials, that have been graded to assess their environmental effect, including energy and water use. These qualities have been tested by Spanish denim consultants of Jeanologia, to ensure it's sustainability and highest status according to their criteria.

When I attended the H&M Autumn/Winter Collection preview, I was also given the privilege of previewing some of the pieces from this collection. There are lots of choices of modern cuts and indigo hues, upon soft but sturdy denim material. I love how each piece has its own individually unique texture.

Textures, colors, treatment, hues of indigo – you gotta love the versatility of denim!

Love the softness of the material, that still feels sturdy and strong.

For the women, we can expect essential styles of the season, from low-waisted or high-waisted skinny jeans to boyfriend cut and tapered ankle. Alongside these denim essentials, there are also pieces made from conscious materials that wear just like denim, to create the full look. I love the textured denim jackets, and also the very 90s denim skirt that is definitely making its comeback. It may not be cold here in Malaysia, but the chic cut for that wool coat looks pretty darn good to wear.

For the men, classic 5-pocket styles in raw denim are joined by jeans in different cuts and washes. As well as a deep indigo denim jacket, and there's a twill worker’s jacket, alongside an indigo wool coat that makes the perfect outer layer for the colder seasons. Just as well for the kids, they have their tiny fit jeans and dungarees all in the Conscious material.

 "We're so excited about Conscious Denim at H&M. We’ve worked hard to reduce the environmental impact from the washing processes alongside using materials that are more sustainable. The collection is full of great pieces, and proves how sustainability can equal great style." – Helena Helmersson, Head of Sustainability H&M.

Each garment in the Conscious Denim range will have a Clever Care label with details on care and wear. It's all part of H&M's long-term commitment to more sustainable fashion, further details of which can be found at hm.com/conscious.

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