Detox with a Cuppa Tea

Monday, June 16, 2014

Getting a detox once in a while is great for the body. However, we sometimes neglect our detox program, allowing toxins from the food we eat and the air we breathe, clog up our systems. Some of the reasons people are inconsistent with their detox programs are; the lack of time or that they find it too troublesome.

By not detoxing, you are letting toxins affect your body and would find yourself facing all these issues: Overeating, bloatedness, constipation, gastrointestinal upset, allergies, skin problems, acne, headaches, tiredness, sluggishness, mood swings and even aches and pains.

What if I told you, that there's an easy way to detox – without any big changes needed in your everyday life, no hassle, and no extra time required? And that by the end of it, you would find an improvement in your body if you face one or more of the toxic symptoms above. Trust me, this is so much easier than the juice detox I did previously. Why, it is as simple as drinking tea.

Meet TruDtox. It is a natural and organic herbal tea (certified by the Ministry of Health) that contains a proprietary blend of high quality herbs and floras that are traditionally used for aiding body detoxification and for strengthening our body’s detoxification organs. It will gently and safely help you detox – without any harsh laxatives and doesn't create any bowel dependency.

Some of the benefits you can achieve from TruDtox:

  • Helps cleanse toxins and pollutants from your body
  • Promote normal functions of your body’s detox organs
  • Safe for regular continuous use
  • No dependency (no laxatives involved)
  • Improves digestion
  • Improves overall health
  • Promote regularity
  • Relieve digestive discomforts
  • Promote better absorption of nutrients
  • Improve metabolism
  • Strengthen immune system

Formulated by a Swiss nutraceutical company, TruDtox has been rigorously tested and qualified. I'm telling you this to dissipate any qualms you have about trying this product. I have personally tried it myself, and I'm sharing my experience.

Upon receiving my pack of 17 tea bags, I started off by taking one tea bag a day, for 5 consecutive days. It is recommended that you take 2-3 tea bags a week, but as a kickstart, I started off big.

On the first day, I brewed my tea bag in a mug of hot water for 20-30 minutes as recommended, and slowly sipped my tea. I liked how it smells like those herbal chinese tea you sometimes get at the restaurants, it has quite the calming effect. It's not too strong either (unless you leave it to brew for a much longer time) and the taste has a very mild herbal flavor. I can even discern a slight floral taste that isn't very obvious, but pleasant.

I had a lot of water with my tea (because tea makes my mouth dry for some reason) and had to visit the toilet a few times within the first two hours, just to pee. I had the tea about 3pm, and about 7 hours later, around 10pm, was when I had to eliminate. Not to gross you out, but it was smooth and hassle free (true story!) and I felt quite good after. As it was my first day, I had to go 3 times that night – mostly liquids after the first round. This, my friends, is what you call a cleanse – everything ingested from the day has gone out the back door. And it feels good!

I woke up the next day feeling lighter and continued my tea routine after lunch each day. The tea helps with reducing bloatedness and indigestion, so I felt quite light and good even after a huge lunch.

I find that you can actually plan when you want to go to toilet for number two – because when I took the tea each day at 3pm, I have to go by 10pm, which is perfect because that's right before I start preparing for bed, and by 11pm I can sleep without any disturbance. I tried taking the tea once before bedtime, but was awakened at 9am on a weekend to use the bathroom. Not such a great idea... unless you plan to wake up early. Of course, results and timing would differ from person to person, so be open to experiment!

Now that the first week is over, I'm only taking the tea three times a week, and I love how the cleansing makes me feel. It's like a major clean-up inside, and you feel great and less like a fattysaurous, especially after a heavy meal. It does aid in some weight loss, and also helps maintain weight, but of course this would have to go hand-in-hand with a sensible diet and some exercise.

I'd definitely recommend you to give this a try, as I can see myself sticking to using this product for the long run. It is a life-changer! :)

P/S: As with all new products, no matter how safe, please try only one first before proceeding with a full-course detox. Please consult your doctor/physician if you aren't sure. I do not condone jumping head first into something if you have a medical condition.

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  1. AS u say certified by the Ministry of Health ! what is the MAL Number ? as i know many detox tea in the market is no MAL number (mean no register with MOH ) if have approver & certified with MOH sure they have a MAl number , with MAL number we can drink it without any worries .


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