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Friday, April 24, 2015

With the recent popularity of the 'Melbourne coffee culture' springing up in Malaysia, it is no surprise that more and more cafés are appearing on our food radars. However, finding one that serves the best coffee seems to be a game amongst avid coffee lovers, and for most, the absence of hot food could mean a lower percentage of patronage – because after all, not everyone wants just cake with their coffee.

Fortunately for the masses, the newly opened MONO Coffee Artisan Coffee & Kitchen in Publika is set to cater to all of the above. A sister company to the popular Cosans Coffee, MONO Coffee is aiming to supplement what Cosans do not currently have – hot food.

Upon entering place, one would immediately get a lovely, cosy vibe from their warm interior – a clever use of black walls and warm lighting to make things feel real cosy. Not to mention, I was watching their talented team hand-calligraph their inspirational wall-quotes, and that nice organic touch is what makes this space feel so approachable. They also have a range of delicious cakes and various pastries on display at the front.

I started off with their hazelnut cappuccino, which was a good choice for people who do not drink much coffee. I can still appreciate the flavors and aromas of a good cup of coffee despite being more of a tea person. It's smooth and creamy, and I like how there's not strong after taste to it. We were then introduced to the food that we'll be tasting, three of their chef's best recommendations.

We have the Beef & Hashed Benedicts which is quintessentially an English muffin, topped with a creamy, poached egg and corned beef with grated potato. The sauce is a delightful spiced hollandaise variant, which I think gives a nice kick to the muffin.

Then there's the Stack It! which is my favorite of the lot, which is a stack of pancakes, drizzled in maple-peanut butter syrup and topped with crispy beef bacon. I think the bacon sealed this dish completely for me. It was also accompanied by roasted tomatoes, which I found a little odd, but I guess if you can add some veggies to a sinful meal, why not alleviate some of that guilt?

Finally we have the Pods & Chicken Salad, which is also a favorite of mine. Grilled chicken paired with a mix of chick peas and french beans – and drizzled with a tangy lemon grain dressing with feta cheese. The healthiest meal of the three, I can vouch for the guilt-less delicious treat you get with this dish, this would score for the #eatclean section of your Instagram quota.

Beef & Hashed Benedicts, RM17

Stack It!, RM14

Pods & Chicken Salad, RM16

Here we have our tasting portions!

There was also a short demonstration by their barista trainer, on what makes a good cuppa and how to create coffee art. MONO Coffee serves two very unique types of beans, the Ethiopia Red Cherry and Sumatra Blue Batak. They also have their signature house-blend, dubbed as the Monian blend – made up of Brazil Yellow Bourbon, Guatemala Antigua and Sumatra Lintong. The aroma is nutty, but it is promised a tasting note of dried berries with grapefruit nuances. The only way to taste it is to go get a cup of the house-blend youself!

Each cup of coffee, as explained by their barista trainer, is made with precise measurements of the ground coffee beans, water volume and brew-time. The coffee art is also made with precise timing and a steady hand, I learnt that it isn't an easy task and it takes loads of practice.

Up for a cuppa? MONO Coffee is now open for business at A2-G2-3A in Publika Shopping Gallery. For more information, please visit

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