Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Sometimes I just find that managing a Tumblr blog is so much easier than this blog here.
For Tumblr, all you need to do is to reblog or post accordingly. And there are gazillion amazing things there. Best of all, no annoying adverts on sidebars! <3

I've been so annoyed lately by all the blogs(and websites) nowadays that don a gazillion adverts left and right, top and bottom and even in between. No wonder your blog takes a gazillion years to load! And here I was complaining to the Streamyx service crew. I mean Streamyx isn't that fast anyways, but loading is sufficiently fast for 'normal' blogs that doesn't have all the unnecessary.

Since I have time on my hans, I just briefly summed up a few things which I find, annoys me tremendously when I blog-hop.

1) Music
Some blogs have really annoying ones, and they clash when my iTunes are on. I know you think it's cool to showcase your awesome 'taste' in music but really, just a playlist would do. Let us readers decide if we want to indulge (not!) into your tunes by setting it to a manual play mode.

Probability of closing the page immediately: 6/10 depending on how annoying the song is.

2) Adverts all over
I don't mind one or two, three or four ads even. But 20 freaking ads plastered all over your blog? Seriously? Even 10 adverts would cause me a serious eyesore. There was this blog who had three sidebars chock full of adverts, left and right. A top header advert which was so ugly, it made his blog's header look insignificantly uglier. Then there were advertorial posts, which are fine since I know many who get paid for doing them. But adverts in between posts?! I don't generally see the point in overloading your nice little blog with ads that don't even look good. I'm guessing it's all about the money, which leaves you with no personal taste at all (unless you think overload is the new black).

Probability of closing the page immediately: 8/10 depending on how cluttered it is

3) Ugly backgrounds
You know those hideous dark backgrounds with glitters, sparkles, multi-colored thingamajiggys all around? Yep, total eyesores.

Probability of closing the page immediately: 10/10 especially it's just shit ugly.

4) Over-proclamation of love for thyself (or as we Malaysians call it, syok sendiri)
Really, do we need to see photos upon photos upon photos of your poserific self? I can tolerate the poser posts in between every other post, but string 5 poser posts together and it's a total turn off. That's not the real issue actually, since it's technically your blog and you can write whatever you want. But a sidebar filled with the same amount of poser photos? Unacceptable.

Probability of closing the page immediately: 7/10 depending on how ugly/annoying your poser photos are.

5) Bad english
Either blog in proper english, or else just do it in your mother-tongue (because I will know not to read it). I know most of you are blogging in English because you want to improve your language skills. Kudos to you, but there are some people who just deliberately blog in the utmost annoying manner. Here are a few snippets I stole from anonymous blogs, just to prove my point.

Snippet one:
"So tis is very exciting event. If you are interesting pls sign up in de link."
(Sign up only if you are interesting enough. It's also annoying how 'this' is now tis, 'the' is now de)

Snippet two:
"He is very cham one, so me and my fren went to Ikano parking and look for tolong."
(I swear, my English teacher would have a heart attack reading this. It's written by a 19-year old someone. I won't even stress on how I find the mix of 3 languages in one sentence is killing my brain.)

Probability of closing the page immediately: 10/10 death by first sentence.

So, yea. Major pet peeves.
But to begin with, I was talking about Tumblr. I guess Tumblr is pretty new compared to Blogger and hence it hasn't been invaded by the annoying crew yet, which is why I am somewhat addicted to Tumblr, just because it has so many cool things to read/see and so many cool people on board.
Well, I'm one of them now, hur hur.

No, seriously. Come follow me on Tumblr. :)


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