"a night to remember"

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Those of you who were at the Hennessey  Artistry event last Saturday would totally agree that it was a blast.
A night of schmoozing and drinking and super-pumped dancing.

I just love all the lights that were set to make the inside of the Mines Convention Center (MIECC) look so gorgeous. And the sound system, totally off the rocks.

The drinks that were mixed by the pros, they're the best tasting glass of Hennessey I ever had.

And thank you Khal for being my special date for the night.
It made the night way better than it already is. :)

But wait, the best [art of the night are the amazing array of performances put up by Kardinal Offishall, Mizz Nina, Deja Voodoo Spells and so on.
It's definitely not just an artistry of mixing drinks, but the music that flows through our veins as well.
It's a wonder everybody couldn't stop drinking and dancing all night till the event ended at 3am. 
What a blast! :)

The boys of Deja Voodoo Spells.

Mizz Nina, real hot in person.

Mizz Nina & her dance crew.

Taiwanese band, Da Mouth.

The man that made it all worthwhile, Kardinal Offishall! <3

All in all, great night!
Thank you Blup-Blup for the awesome invites! :)


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