"dinner at alissara's"

Monday, October 18, 2010

It's been a crazy weekend with everyone, and I had a blast. :)

Nothing much to be said, just photos from the awesomest Thai dinner I ever had at Alissara's.
Beats most of the higher end Thai restaurants around. :D Only cos the chef & workers are all Thai, and thank goodness we have our very own Nan & Salma Ratanarat to order in Thai for us. ;)

They're kinda blurry, everything's taken with my Blackberry. :s

The awesome ass tom yum soup. Can't go there and not have this.

My tummy was super satisfied after that, even if my mouth was blazing with fire.
Deeelicious. :)

Went for a shisha session at Damai after that.

LOL, speaking of geekies and hip hoppers. Some nonsensical fun and banter we had. :)


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