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Thursday, July 17, 2014

As a tea enthusiast, I have always loved how tea leaves create magic in a cup. I also used to love tea-fortune-reading a lot in my younger days, but that's a story for another day. T2 is no stranger to me, as I have had it on my trips to Australia.

T2 not just creates classic tea flavors such as the earl grey or the english breakfast tea. They have a fun variety of fruity teas (which are one of my favorites) and a whole lot of interesting tea concoctions that leaves the mind curious and tongues wanting for a taste. One of the nicest I've tried, is their Strawberries and Cream. Not so much cream in its flavor, but it has a lovely strawberry taste and the smell is to die for. I can sniff the packet of dry tea leaves for hours, and that's good for the nose and soul, mind you.

Just recently, T2 has unveiled it's first ever concept store in Asia, nestled in Ben's Independent Grocer, in Publika. This concept store is very much different from others, as they weave in a good bit of customer interaction, and also provide educational elements on tea – thus enhancing the tea-shopping experience. There you will also find over 50 varieties of specialty teas and complemented by a lovely range of teaware, accessories, storage, and gifting options.

I absolutely love their teawares! I can imagine having a nice tea party with my girlfriends in my home garden with these. Just look how artsy and avant garde the design is! This black and white set below is on my Christmas wishlist for sure.

As a designer, I have to quip about the design. The brand name itself, simple and memorable. The overall design of the shop and wares, modern and fresh – very enchanting as well. Walk into the shop and be greeted by various displays of tea leaves for you to touch, taste and smell. It makes you want to partake in the wondrous, sensory experience of tea, and just immerse yourself into that wonderful little world T2 has created.

I had the privilege of trying out the Irish Breakfast Tea, using T2's very useful and cute little Mesh Ball infuser. I love black tea, especially for days after I had too much sweet treats and I need some of that heady-scented tea to help neutralize my tastebuds. Black tea can get too strong for some people, but I honestly loved the Irish Breakfast Tea, as it is quite pleasant without being too overwhelming. It is a blend of Sri Lankan orthodox broken leaves to produce a highly-balanced, deep, rich brew. Its’ coppery red liquor has an engagingly frank personality with a little flirty sweetness.

I have to also say how much I love this little infuser, as it is so simple and practical, and yet the design is genius. That black, rubbery 'string' doesn't transfer heat, so it doesn't get hot. It also has a good grip and cinches that leaves it hanging over the mouth of the cup, exactly as you left it. It's a must-have for tea lovers.

All in all, lovely enough not just for breakfast but for the downtime during noon time as well. If you are in need of some tea therapy, or simply need to restock, head on over to T2 in BIG, Publika.

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