Bernard Chandran's S/S 2015 Preview

Monday, September 22, 2014

The eponymous Bernard Chandran has been making wave after wave in the fashion scene, not just locally in Malaysia, but in the international fashion scene as well. His new collection – Venus In The Daytime – is based on the concept of Urban Goddesses (which I would assume, the high society Malaysian women in KL) and the style is inspired highly by Madame Grès (1903-1993), a remarkable couturier of the 20th-century. She is known for using delicate pleats to turn ordinary fabrics into Greek sculpture.

Bernard's inspiration for this line, blossomed after working with Madame Pico, who is Madame Grès' last living assistant. Thus, his S/S15 line revolves around the use of flat pleats and delicate draping of pleats to create a sculpted look. He uses Madame Grès' traditional silk jersey, and plays it up with a mixture of leather, lace, cotton silk and cork – to play up a modern twist to a classical design.

Check out his designs below and notice the feminity and flowy look of his pieces that features pleats in the most modern way possible. I have taken the liberty to go through all the runway shots, and selected some of my favorite looks off it.

"For a dress to survive from one era to the next, it must be marked with an extreme purity." – Madame Grès

The man himself.

I have to say, I love the combination of fabrics and texture in the pieces above. They look so.. wearable. As we know, couture these days are pretty much unwearable off the runway, but Bernard has found a way to make it work on and off the runway. Much, much love for his work of art!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I'm in love! The dresses just look so gorgeous, especially the three in the second-last picture!
    Great post, Mish! I love your writing!

    xoxo Rin

    1. Yes, I love those three too! Those and the last three with the Venus prints on them, just gorgeous! Thank you for your kind words :)


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