Rude Drivers, A Bane On Malaysian Roads

Thursday, September 25, 2014

I don't usually rant much anymore, but today is an exception. Because today is the day some lorry driver decide to piss me off by being inconsiderately rude.

This lorry, from Teoh Logistics, hit my side mirror at a merging traffic intersection. The bugger purposely tried cutting me off eventhough I was already halfway through – and he hit my side mirror (which thankfully didn't break off).

Honked at him, and no surprise, he ignored me and drove on. 

I called the company on the spot to complain about him (he probably forgot the number and his plate number is exposed for me to see), and the manager called me back instantly to investigate the matter. I'm glad for the courtesy she showed me, as she was very kind and understanding. It isn't the company's fault, just unlucky that they hired such an uncouth driver with zero consideration towards other drivers. The manager said he will be given a warning, and she will see what else they can do to curb his bad behavior. Eventhough in my moment of anger I had wanted him fired – I calmed down after speaking to her and said that it's good enough, but he must definitely be warned. I drove behind him and saw how dangerously he drove – weaving in and out of traffic with no signal and driving very fast. Who knows, the next time it may cost someone's life.

In my case, I think it was because I'm in a small, non-threatening car and also a lady driver, he thinks he can be the boss. Hello, just because I'm driving a small car and a lady, DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN BULLY ME OKAY?! His ignorance to my honking is already a first sign of his dismissal towards his wrong doing. But it's okay, I told myself. There's a reason why he grew up to be a lorry driver.

Perhaps he grew up in a broken home and a bad family situation that caused him to grow up bitter and angry. Maybe he was even abused as a child. I wouldn't know. All I know is that, despite your upbringing, one should always be courteous on the road. Not saying that I'm a saint or anything.

We all have sometimes been that bad driver; not given way to cars who signaled, drove to cut off someone else, cursed motorcyclists, run a red light, etc. However, we need to know our limits. If a situation can't be helped, just give way and concede defeat. Why bother with rage and ego when your life and investment (vehicle) is at risk? Some of us have loving family and friends to return to, and perhaps you are forever lonely, and suicidal or something, but please go be suicidal far, far away.

Whatever it is, I'm glad the manager is taking things into her hands and that he might (hopefully) learn from this incident. If I were to be an ultra-bitch, I'd probably ask her to make him call me and apologize on the phone – but then again – no harm done to my car, just my internal rage.

Dear rude driver, I hope you get an earful form your boss. If it doesn't affect you to repent your dangerous ways, then may you live a long life as a lorry driver in some desolate place where the only thing you might hit are trees.

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