DIY: Mr Right & Mrs Always Right Pillows

Thursday, January 29, 2015

I was inspired to make these because I really wanted those sexy Kiki de Montparnasse Sleep/Fuck pillows, but they go for a ridiculous price of USD295 for such a simple (but pretty) thing. I thought, "I might as well make my own", and so I did.

I didn't go with Sleep/Fuck because it's a little too plain to be drawn on my non-silk, 600 thread count cotton pillow case from Jean Perry. Not as sexy or alluring as when on silk. Anyways, I decided to go for the Mr Right & Mrs Always Right for Panda and me (no, we are not hitched yet) – just because I am always right. That way, he also can't try to steal my goose-down pillow and pass off his foam-memory-pillow (ugh, these pillows are awful) as mine.

To do this you will need the following:
  1. Two pillow cases, white (or any light color of your choice)
  2. Fabric markers in black (I used both Sharpie and Artline)
  3. Printed stencils of the text you want

First you start off by measuring your pillow cases. Then, using an editing program like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator (I use CS6, if you need to know), key in the exact measurements and type in your desired lettering. I used the Intrique Script font (free for download and personal use from dafont). Try not to get something too fancy or overly decorative unless you have a fairly steady hand and a lot of patience.

Print out your text on a big sheet of paper if you have an A1 or A2 printer. Otherwise, do what I do and print them out on a few sheets of A3 paper, and manually put them together with tape. Mr Right only needed two sheets of A3 but Mrs Always Right needed three sheets. Cut them out as needed and do the necessary taping together.

Cut and tape two big sheets together to keep the text in position.

Once that's done, slip the stencil inside the pillow case and adjust to your liking before taping it down against the fabric, so it wouldn't move and ruin your masterpiece.

Start off by doing the outlines. That way, in case of anything moves, you'll still have your original placement. I started with Sharpie at first, but the ink bleeds out so quickly that I didn't have enough ink left to finish coloring the M, and the tip was brush-like which has very little control. That's why I switched to Artline fabric markers, because the ink doesn't bleed out as much, and the tip feels more sturdy and much easier to control. All in all, I used up one Sharpie and three Artline markers for both pillow cases.

One down, one more to go.

You can vaguely see the masking tape beneath the cover, taping the stencil down into place.

Don't be afraid to wing it – because we are bound to make mistakes (I mean, just look at all my imperfect lines!). I had to freestyle draw some areas because I made mistakes in coloring out of the lines. Try to do your drawing on a flat and stable surface, that would help in avoiding more mistakes.

After a few hours and a few days in between procrastinating, they're finally done! Iron over the dried ink to seal-in the color, so that it wouldn't bleed during wash. Pull the cases over your pillows and voila, you have beautiful typographic pillows – all for the mere price of RM90 (RM60 for the pillow cases, RM30 for the fabric markers).

I didn't bother to iron them out first before putting them on, I was too excited to show them to you!

My freckles look REALLY BAD here. 

These are pretty great as gifts to newlyweds and they are easily customizable to suit your style. I might be open to commissioning a few of these (for a fee) if you need them for yourself or as gifts. If interested, drop me an email. ;)

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