31 Days To The Perfect Butt

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

I was inspired to look for great squat workouts, because at the gym yesterday, there was a newbie whom I befriended and she had difficulty doing squats. I understand because, I was a newbie once and squats hurt like a bitch. I could barely even do 10 full-range squats using only body weight, and this girl started with 2kg per side on the bar.

Of course, now I squat much heavier, at a total of 14kg + the bar. ;)

Anyways, I've talked about why squats are awesome for you and also, remember my Christmas booty challenge? Well, that booty got away with all those Christmas and Chinese New Year feasting.

There are four stages of butt types for the person of average weight. This chart below is a series of progress shots for one person, but results may vary for each individual.

Lumpy and a little out of shape, with speckles of cellulite.

Slightly improved shape, but not exactly firm yet. Still has some slight cellulite.

Better shape and contouring, and is quite firm. This is what we call a bikini butt.

Same shape and contouring as stage three, but firmer, with muscular definition. Notice her better posture too.

So, we now know what sort of butt every girl, and guy dreams of. Less Miley Cyrus, more Lady Gaga (in reference to the 2013 VMAs). Excitingly, I've found a new butt-worthy challenge, thanks to my fellow fitblr, Fitabled. He's a certified personal trainer, so expect this to be real legit. Time to get your butt working!

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  1. So just to make sure - I should do all four exercises on every lower body day, right?

    1. Yes! These are great for leg-days. Good luck!

  2. Hey, is there a site that has a printable version?

    1. Yes, go to fitabled.tumblr.com as these workouts are by them!

  3. Did that woman in the photo's butt really only take 31 days?! to get from photo 1 to 4 like that


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