Printable Travel Checklist For Forgetful Girls (Like Me!)

Monday, March 30, 2015

Packing for travel always, ALWAYS result in me forgetting the smallest things which feels like it is the most important thing when realization hits. It's annoying, and frustrating at times – especially when it's not something you can buy at your destination, because it just isn't the same.

Have you ever experienced this before? There's got to be at least once.

I have decided to share my personal checklist to help me pack the most important necessities (small things, big importance) into my luggage. If you have more things on your list, I have added some blank spaces to add in your own, and those of mine which doesn't relate to you, simply cross them off.

The list is separated into two parts; hand-luggage and check-in luggage, so that your travel packing is more systematic and you can organize everything without hassle.

Download these printable check-lists in high resolution, below!

Hand sanitizer – No matter where the destination, you will always need sanitizers. This is to keep your hands feeling clean when there is no water source available, and to keep germs from affecting your health. No one wants to get sick on a holiday, right?

Sunglasses – I always forget these because they are always in my car. But trust me, they come in very handy no matter where you're going.

Razors – Because we are girls, and there is no way one should go days without a good shave, especially if you packed tank tops.

One red lipstick, lip balm and eyeliner – I never wear heavy makeup on vacation, just these. Why bother? Because if you are taking loads of photos, you have to at least look bright-eyed and not too pale. Think about great vacation photos that you will be sharing with friends, family and your blog (gasp, the world!)

A pen – Flight forms, notes, addresses, who knows? In every vacation, there's always a need for a pen, at least twice! Do not look down upon this humble writing instrument.

Kobo/Kindle/book/entertainment – Unless your flight is just an hour long or a red-eye, you probably need some sort of entertainment. For me, I personally prefer reading, so my Kobo Mini is the only thing I'd bring on board to pass time.

Power bank – If you lug your gadgets around, you'd probably need this.

International adapter – Depending on your destination, you should pack this if that country requires a different plug point.

That black shirt – No matter how many clothes I usually pack, I tend to always go back to that one black shirt because it goes with anything and everything.

If you're ready to pack, just click to download these travel checklist printables below! These look best printed on A4 sized paper, and in color, of course. Do download both as they serve different purposes in helping you pack more efficiently.

Let me know if these are useful to you, and if you feel like it lacks certain important items, do let me know in the comments below! For more things to download (For FREE!), check out the download section on this blog! Will be adding more things as we move along.

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  1. great to have lists like this compiled ... i'm super-forgetful, and there's always something i neglect to bring when travelling, and am forced to buy it while away :)

    1. Thanks, and I really hope these printables are a great help to you on your future travels! :)

  2. Love this! I am super forgetful too! On this last trip we forgot our adapter and had to buy one there....which I ended up leaving in one of our hotels :(:( I'm a big fan of this list!

    Pink Wings

    1. Thanks Gina, I've been in your shoes before too! I really hope this list would be useful for your future trips.


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