Back To Black.. Again

Saturday, April 18, 2015

I think my hair has been under enough duress.

Over the last few years, it has been bleached and dyed and colored over and over again – without any rest period in between. It has becomes something that even the best of Redken or Kérastase can't save. Way past its salvageable texture, my split-ends are a cemetery of tangles. My hair has been dip-dyed when I rode the 2013 trend, into a blue-purple combo, which later on faded to pink.

The pink octopus of 2013.

At a later time, I chopped off all my pink bottoms (that's one upside to dip-dyeing) and was grateful for my black hair, which I think looked less damaged.

A few months later, I got itchy feet and decided to get some blonde under-lights. It's just like getting highlights, but underneath instead of on top. This makes it so much easier to maintain – no more visible black roots, yay! I kinda really liked this look too, my hair looks honey-dipped.

Of course, the vibrancy could only last for so long. The honey-tones started to fade off after 7 months and slowly turned into a very yellowish blonde which I despised. So, I decided to dye my hair again, this time with just purple. I had a crazy purple color obsession at the time, so I decided to be a pony.

It was so gorgeous and I loved it terribly, even now. But then, I went to Boracay for a beach vacay, and the color started to fade out considerably. But the purple is pretty resilient, and I even made it till CNY without losing off too much of its vibrancy. It was until recently in April that I realized that my magic purple have more or less disappeared completely, leaving me with hay-like hair, that literally looks like hay. I can't risk dyeing more colors to cover them up, I'll face the same issue a few months down the road again anyway.

So I decided to dye it one last time. Back to black.

Look at how bad my hair looks! Blonde with a hint of purple, not very classy. The blonde is also quite irregular and doesn't share the same even shade of blonde in random areas. And black somehow makes hair look extra healthy. And it's not possible to dye other funky colors into hair once your go black – so I'm sticking to this for a verrryyyyyyy long time.

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  1. Oh I love your black hair! I love changing my hair too, but there's something so nice about having your hair healthy and natural :)

    1. Thank you! Yeah, natural hair is something I haven't had for a while now – might take a super hot trend to make me wanna dye it again.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Happy to have stumbled across your page! I like seeing other womens' hair-color journeys bc I too go through changing my hair color so much. As you stated, I agree that black hair is the best & looks the healthiest! Thanks for sharing your many colors :)


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