Friday, September 18, 2015

Right in the heart of the fastest growing online fashion portal in Malaysia, Zalora is now offering Topshop & Topman fashion pieces too! It seems that the gigantic British fashion house has decided to join ranks with the likes of MNG and Dorothy Perkins within this online fashion umbrella.

Zalora & Topshop threw a party to celebrate this merger, and the guest list included all the best trendsetters of Malaysia – under one roof. Hosted at the ever popular APW Bangsar (a former printing plant warehouse), the space has been converted into an industrial chic fashion garage with minimalist touches and sultry lights. EDM beats were dropped by DJ HypeEmBeats for that trendy rave-like atmosphere that was putting a few fashionistas into a pre-dance trance.

My friend and I were having drinks at our table, when we were joined by supermodel Amber Chia who was really down to earth and just wanted to grab a few quick bites before her flurry of interviews and photo ops. She hailed the server holding a large cheese platter and immediately started gobbling a few cheese-on-biscuits, handing us a few to try while proclaiming her love for cheese. We had a little chat while she posed for a few shots, and then had to be hustled away for an interview. Both of us agreed that humility and being very down to earth was what brought her so far in life (other than just great genes and good looks, of course).

Amber Chia giving us her best "Topshop model" pose.

We ended the night with a few more drinks, and a quick bit of fun at the Fotobox stand with their new HELLOGIF feature which captures GIF videos, with instant uploads to Facebook or Instagram.

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