The Tough Pineapple 2015 Desktop Calendar

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I know I haven't been very consistent with the desktop calendars from July-September. Travel and changes in my career path have been keeping me occupied and this blog has not had much love because of that.

However, things have started to settle, and I am back to keeping up the consistency of my promises. I present you the October 2015 calendar, photography courtesy of Brock Davis. I know many of you may expect a 'Halloween themed' wallpaper for October, but I have decided that instead of taking on such a thematic approach, I want to give you something that represents what October means to me.

A pineapple? Not really. It is the concept of being tough on the outside, and sweet but firm on the inside. You see, I noticed that some people have been taking me for granted, and taking advantage of certain situations to put me down. Without going into much detail, let's just say that I have since moved on from taking things too personal and have now decided that a tough and distant approach is much better. On the inside, I can be very sweet and nice to those whom I trust, and I have learnt that it is something which I should not give out so easily to people I barely know.

I also am looking forward to a great October, a shift is in the air and I can smell it. Something tells me that it is a very positive thing indeed and I am projecting as much good vibes as I possibly can. Until then, please enjoy this desktop calendar, free for download, as always.

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