"first day of the niu year 09"

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CNY has been eventful, and very very BUSY this year.
Hence the lack of updates. XD

But here i am with pictures from the first day.
Not all photos are with me as everything was taken with multiple cameras.
Need to go source out the rest.

Here are the ones with me though. :)

The LIM siblings: Brandon, Mish, Trish.
(mish is in the middle not cos she's the shortest but cos she's the awesomest of the lot) XD

The traditional lion dance routine. Without fail, every year.
This time it costs RM600 compared to last year which was only RM200.
That's an effing RM400 leap, bloody money-suckers.

This lion scared the crap out of me.

Meet my niece, STEPHANIE.

She's a German + Chinese.
Pretty, no? :)

Camwhore moment with the monkey of a sister.

Our last stop was at Uncle Alex's awesome 2 mil. house in Kemuning.

Nush and Mish up front. :D

This is the top view of his living hall.

His awesome 1st floor landing slash open library.
He had installed ceiling to wall window panes that can be slid open so that you can cosy up and read on windy days up here.
Unfortunately it was too hot that day to even consider opening the windows.

His disturbingly cute Tigger seat, made out of many many tiggers.

I heart their love seat. <3 br="br">

And that's about it.

Enjoy the remaining of your CNY holidays people! ;)

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