"be happy, you're loved"

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The happy, loving inspirational art & such which made my 09-09-09 meaningful.

Image credits:

(1) Eric Smith illustration via Grain Edit
(2) Travis Sterns watercolor via Oh Joy
(3) Caroline illustration via It Looks Good To Me,
(4) miscellaneous magazine tear via That’s Chic
(5) The Beautiful Life note card via Design Is Mine
(6) Eric Smith illustration via I Draw All Day
(7) Holly Becker photograph for Decor 8
(8) Elsk Dit Hjem collage via Decor 8
(9) Fifi Lapin illustrations via Fifi Lapin blog
(10) Dilka Bear via Decor 8
(11) Eric Smith illustration via I Draw All Day
(12) Xenia Taler notebooks via Design*Sponge

Have a happy one too.


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