"surprise surprise kitty kat"

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Today, my sister woke me up to tell me that i have just received an overseas package, addressed to me & my cat.

**Address has been mosaic-ed to avoid any potential kidnappers from finding me. XD

And the first thing i saw upon opening the envelope?

A big pair of green eyes staring back at me.

It's none other than Boris Kitty, Lord Fatty's Twitter fur-rend. :3
Yep, this was the prize that my kitty cat won about a month ago. The one where ive been telling everyone to keep voting for.
My kitty didnt get the grand prize in the end, but oh well, runner up isnt too bad either. XD

Okay, so back to the prize.
This is what my kitteh won.

A Twice da Mice toy from Play N' Squeak toys for cats.

Just like the packaging says, the mice really do give out a realistic squeak as you touch or tap on them.
I really liked that mousie with the feathery tail. XD

So i decided to use the plain tailed mousie first and it was so cute! :D
My kitty loved it, but since he just had his bath, he got bored and was more interested in licking himself dry (although i had used the hairdryer on him for 20 minutes before).

Best time to play with kitty is early in the morning, about 6am or 7am when his nocturnal hyper mode is on.
Right now though, the only thing he's interested in is this:

Yep, snoozing like how a real cat do.

And this here is some random shot taken some time ago in the car at night while we were at the KFC drive thru.

I know that there's waaay to many cat posts here, but i dont care! :P


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