"one little kitty, two little kitty"

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The sexy cat above climbed the ladder the other day.
all for the sake of a bloody little toy dog.
I swear, this cat is a dog lover.

He acts like a dog, rolls like a dog.. well you get the picture.
And yeah, even stuffed dogs attract him.

This is Lord Fatty clutching his toy dog.
He wouldnt even let us near him.

And this is him later after we took his doggie and put it on top of the ladder.
He actually climbed his way up for his doggie.
Crazy cat.

Speaking of cats, we heard a meow outside my room window today evening.
Turns out, it was a stranded little kitty cat stuck on the roof.
So I got my siblings to go on a rescue mission.

Long story short, we managed to get the little kitty in.
Seems like he was looking for his mommy and couldnt find her.

Pictures of the little cutie:


Look at those eyes.
He/she staring up at us with those warm chocolate eyes from the little box we placed him in after rescuing him from the roof.

Brandon then wrapped this little fella up in a jacket to keep him warm.
Just look at those goo-goo eyes.

Here he is getting warm and cosy. :) Aww.

Anyone wants to adopt a kitten?
Drop me a line. :)


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