"chanel is not about the cost, it's about the dream"

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chanel as one of the top luxury brands in the world is more than just a brand.

It is the aspiring dream of a young woman.
It is the blood sweat and tears of a woman running her own show.
It is the symbol of love & dedication.

Okay so everyone worth the knowledge knows all about the very much coveted iconic quilted bag by Chanel.

The Chanel 2.55

Yes, this is the one Im talking about. (for those of you who don't speak Chanel)

Yep, this is the sexy bag who made girls (and certain French guys) drool all over the world.
The perfect bag for any occasion be it martinis & cosmos at the bar, strapping into sexy clubs, going for an interview, having a cuppa with your favorite author in a cafe, and the list goes on.

And so, the question is, what makes this bag so great? Where does it's power come from?

The answer?

Only cause it's a Chanel signature design, the quilted part especially.

Who makes the bags and how?
Well, the handy makers over at the Chanel birthplace of course.

And how?
Here's how.

The quilted part of the bag is firstly machine sewn to create fluffy, even squares.

The straps are made out of two parts, the metal links & the leather strands.
So the straps are made by weaving the leather strands around the metal links.

The bag is assembled on a special sewing machine, used only for bag-making.
This is because normal sewing machines requires the material to be laid flat, and that would cause the bag to come out unproportioned.

The second sewing machine is programmed to sew the Chanel logo onto the bag.

All the newly sewn & assembled bags. Ready for the next final steps.

The metal cufflink clasp is then hand-assembled onto the front.
This is the part where girls twist it to open the bag.

Then comes the next stage where heavy machinery is needed to weld the metal rings onto the bag. This would be where the straps will be threaded through.

After the straps are threaded through and properly welded shut, voila, it's off to the quality checking department and approved bags will be boxed & shipped off to distributors around the globe.

Unwanted or faulty bags, what is to becomes of them?
Well, they are given to the employees if they wanted it. Or sent to charity houses.

Naah, im kidding.
I seriously don't know what will happen to those bags.
But that is my closest guess.

Anyways, I hoped some of you gained some insights from this post, or not.
So, any of you ladies are trying out for some DIY bags? This could be your first step into the world of bag-making.
Don't say 'can't' until you've tried. ;)


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