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Saturday, February 27, 2010


It was my third time in his 3 million dollar home, and I still cannot get enough of the amazing art pieces & furnishing he has at home.
Yesterday was his official open house for all the relatives & friends to come check it out.

I simply loved everything about it.
Simple, modern & not overdone.

The main hall with a high ceiling.

Some unique teardrop lights decorates the staircase.
Reminds me of Avatar's Ehwa.

I love their bookcase, it's so spacious.

Their outdoor jacuzzi.

The unique phoenix art piece.

The Artworks.

Then came the posers.

We love their red colored tigers! :D

Us with all eight tigers.

Yep, that's what cousins do when they have nothing better to do at a party.
Can't exactly blame us. XD

I hearts my new iPod case, by John & Mary from Hong Kong.
Keeps my best gadget warm & happy. :D

p/s: Photos credits goes to us three posers: Myself, Tricia & Nushka.
p/p/s: Photos taken with our awesome new Nikon D3000.


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