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Monday, March 01, 2010

This was Lord Fatty during CNY.
Fat, greedy, happy & in a gold-red samfu.

A lot of people got sick during and after CNY.
This was no exception for our pets too.
Too much excitement, too much cookies (cat cookies), too much weather heat, and way too many fireworks.
Seems like the kitty can't take it all. And now he's sick.

Dr. Yap diagnosed him with UTI (urinary tract infection), as he has been peeing blood and having diarrhea (again), and he's very weak.

The causes?
Stress, over-excitement, dehydration, over-heating, etc.

I never knew cats were that fragile. :(

The treatment?
Antibiotics, an IV drip, and catharact insertion (A tube which is attached to the bladder to help the urine flow)

Oh, and a head cone.
Look at him, poor thing.

His tiny little hospital ward.
Okay technically it's a cage, but we've never caged him up before.

He's been heavily sedated and is very drowsy at the moment.
He's gonna be staying at the vet's for 5 days. :(

Get well soon you little fat lump of fur.

I'm gonna miss you so badly. :(


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