"as the young ones progress, the old ones grow older"

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Since their birthdays are just days apart, a birthday merger dinner is called for.
To both Uncle Johnny & Auntie Susan.

May you grow older gracefully. :)

There were no 'before' food photos, just the 'after'.
I was hungry, and everything was delicious!

Justin & Melvin.
Kids these days with their hi-tech phones & BenTen watches.
Tsk tsk.

Nikon D60 versus my Nikon D3000. XD

Daddy is drunk, I am a hamburger patty, & the sister is a major camwhore.

Another major camwhore in pink.
The many silly faces of Melvin.

Eugene & Chloe.

Everybody loves Chloe.

After a lot of food, drinks, music & laughter, we headed home.
Moments like these can't be bought with money.
I love my fam. <3

Rainy roads paved our way home.


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