"migration of the deceased"

Monday, March 22, 2010

After years and decades of being placed in the KL cemetery, my family has decided to move my grandfather & great-grandmother's urn to a much closer location.

The old location was far, overgrown with grass, lacking in maintenance, shabby, and quite deserted except for prayer festivities.

It wasn't until quite recently, we discovered that Fairy Park Cemetery has a very beautifully landscaped area designated just for storage of urns, for an entire after-lifetime.

It really was more beautiful than I ever imagined a cemetery could ever look like.
To me, cemeteries should look boring and clean, but spooky and shadowy at night.
This place just spells serenity in a beautiful way.

Well, the photos below speaks a million unspoken words. :)

It all started out at 7.30am on a beautifully good weather.
Not too hot, not too gloomy either. Just nice.

This is the mini Eden where all the stored urns will be facing.
Very nicely landscaped.

This is the surrounding area outside of the mini Eden.
I really think the bamboo adds a nice touch.

This is on the right-hand side of the entrance to the area.
The brightly colored pagoda adds such a nice splash of color.
Pagodas are usually very dull-colored. Not this one!

Before we could place the urns, we need to invite the deceased to a feast.
I don't know much about the exact procedures but they have a monk to recite the ritual proceedings & chants.

Then comes the burnt offerings.
Someone (one of my uncles) sneakily places a firecracker inside, so it gave us all a fright when it exploded. LOL.

The urns are then housed accordingly.
My grandfather's urn (top) is placed on the left-hand side, which is done for all males.
For my great-grandmother, the urns are on the right-hand side to signify females.
Any deceased spouses in future will be placed right next to them.

One thing I love there are the quirky little marble & granite benches which are held on the sides by an assortment of animals/creatures.
They have everything from dolphins to tigers to dwarfs (think Snow White).
But my favorite ones are the owls.
They're so cute!

Family photo time!
Just to top off the joyous occasion. :D

I love my fam! :)

Where there's a garden, there are these little buggers.
I hate milipedes! They're gross.

Just a little way from the little Eden, there's a lakeside park for visitors to explore.
It's really beautiful, like something out of a storybook.

The bridge leading to the lake up ahead which surrounds the gazebo.

The cave walkway, surrounded by monkeys & cranes.

Doesn't this look like something from Alice in Wonderland?
Makes me almost wonder if there's a tea party at the end of the tunnel.

Inside the cave, there's a mini exhibition on chinese characters from legends and stuff.
The figurines inside were pretty creepy though. I didn't dare take photos in case they haunt me.

Yep, all in all, a beautiful place to rest in peace.
It wasn't cheap though, per storage space costs more than $40 grand.
Which means we've spent over $80 grand for both spaces.

Since it's a lifetime thing though, I guess it's pretty worth it.
They're still having the photos of the deceased cut out and re-mounted from their old tombstones. They didn't have digital cams back then.

In future at least, our children could just look up our Facebook pages for photos of us.
Enough to make a slideshow that will be on display forever too I bet. XD


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