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Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's been a while, I've been madly busy and I've abandoned far too many things.
My blog, and my art.

I'm finally getting back to my artsy groove, and hopefully, the will to blog more again.
My life has been an insane roller coaster of emotions and activity, I need time to step back and breathe.
Which is why I'm so thankful I have my art. :)

I call this The Sailor's Ride. It could very well be my next tattoo, but I rather 'loan' the pain to someone else.
I don't think I can bear 3 hours of zapping needles.

It's a lil' sloppy but I love it, I feel somewhat accomplish and calmer now that something that's been pending for a month is finally complete.

The artwork's colored with my trusted markers, which thankfully were not dried out yet.
My marker rendering skills are definitely very rusty, I'll need more practice, soon.

Speaking of pending work, I have a few more artworks that have been outlined, but not completed.
I really hope I have more time to get them done. :)
All I have now are the basic, final outlines.

A self portrait, me and my BlackBerry, we're never separated, ever.
I have my cup of Starbucks ice blended green tea latte as well, but it's been cropped out.

I always had a thing for cats, big or small.
I hope this one would turn out beautifully. Tigers aren't exactly the easiest things to draw. 


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  1. wonder why the picture of u with ur trusty bb so emoing like?

    yeah that a awesome tiger sketch..tribute to tiger year huh?i knaw u like feline alot

    and glad u r back blogging


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