"myself : on paper"

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So i decided to do this random piece of artwork.
I got my inspiration while staring at myself in the full-length mirror, sitting there cross-legged with my book on my lap, Blackberry in one hand.
Da Vinci has his self-portrait done, so did Salvador Dali. It's about time I did one too.

It's obviously not a very accurate portrayal of me. I made myself look better on paper, added some grass and flowers pretending I was in some dainty meadow sipping on my green tea latte and keeping my ordinary-looking but magical carry-all tote next to me.

This is what my imagination spurred.

Ink & Watercolor go together beautifully. :)

This was the rough sketch.

I took my ol' buddy out, the watercolor palette.
Can you believe it, these colors have stayed on this palette since I last painted 3 years ago.
And all you need is to just add a lil water to your brush and they can be reused again. The next best thing is that I get to keep them for another few years to be taken out and used again. I love watercolor. :D

:) I feel so accomplished. 


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