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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Everything's HD these days.
From TV to cinemas and even phones.
So who's to say we can't HD-enhance our photos too?

It's something called HDR photography, HDR being the abbreviation of High Dynamic Range.
It functions to inject dynamism into your photos, to make them 'pop'.

Here are a few examples:

I don't know if you can see the difference (then you must be blind) but the key points that makes the photos look so good are:
1) Color (bright and punchy)
2) Stability (no hint of over exposure or under exposure)
3) Richness (colors are all beautifully even)

And those are the contributing factors that makes HDR photos so beautiful.

I looked it up on the net, and it's definitely not something you can take with your camera. DSLR or not.
It's a very altruistic form of intense photo-manipulation which can be done, if you care enough to invest time and detailing into a photo.

I tried my hand at creating a HDR photo, by using a shot of Indonesia's Kempinski hotel.

Here's the before and after:



Not too bad eh? I think I went a little too trigger happy with the colors, but I love the effects.
Am definitely gonna try it out on more photos.

You can google the HDR tutorial, it's basically very simple but time consuming, but it's worth it. :)


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