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Monday, September 27, 2010

So, I have been doing a lot on research on Japanese hair products.
If you must know, I haven't always been a fan of anything Japanese made, except for food (I mean, how can anyone go wrong with food right?) and I always assumed that Japanese beauty products are like shams.

For example, each of their products have a very bright pink, fairly attractive sort of packaging with shitloads of Japanese words all over and most of the time, they have a cute Japanese model on the packaging. You know, the cute, bubbly, kawaii type? Yes, that. Those doll-like big eyes and pouty pink lips with perfectly cute hair.
That's what it is that puts me off.
She looks too much like a doll, too made-up, too photoshopped to be believable.

Like for REAL, do you really think I'm gonna transform into a doe-eyed Japanese doll just by wearing those cosmetics donned by them? I don't think so.

I used to think that cute Japanese girls were just an advertising gimmick, to fool naive girls into thinking that by using those products, they will look like those Japanese girls.
Which is true for every sort of advertising out there.

BUT.. The products work like an almost-miracle.
Why almost? Cos I did not turn into a doe-eyed Japanese doll with pouty lips (duhh).
But the products work just as they are advertised to, with pretty good results.

So recently, I've been trying out products from Liese, a very-well marketed Japanese imported brand.
I've tried their 'revolutionary' bubble hair dye, the first every hair dye which is applied as foam, not cream. And it could be massaged into the scalp.
The color came out brilliantly, more brilliant than the big hair-dye brands I've been using for years. Suffice to say I was pleasantly surprised.

With that, I decided to give another one of their products a try.
And this time I've taken the time to get some photos of the product and before and after shots.

It's called the Hair Cocktail.
Which is basically a nourishing serum / leave-on conditioner. Looks pretty and smells great too.

What makes this product so unique? I mean a serum is a serum, right? It all works the same way anyways.
Well, I LOVE how you have to mix it, like a cocktail, before you apply. 
And mixing a product and using it right away sort of makes the chemical reaction fresh, thus more effective.
Compare that to a premixed serum where all you have to do is squeeze and apply, that chemical reaction was set probably 6 months ago before it's shipped out to the market's shelves.

That's just my theory anyways.

The hair cocktail is made up of two parts, nourishing water and anti-frizz oil.
Normal serums are mostly oil-based, they don't contain much water in them which is why the serum is effective when you use it, but the effect wears off after a while once the oil sort of absorbs off, leaving the outer layers of your hair dry again.
That's my theory anyways, I may be wrong.

So all you have to do now is 'shake shake shake' the bottle, like you're making a cocktail.

It will mix and look something like peach juice.
It smells of peach & prunes extract by the way, so it's really nice. I love the smell of peaches. :)

Now, to test the product.
Here's my hair BEFORE I apply the serum.

Ughhhh, tangled and frizzy like a lion's mane.

And AFTER, voila! 
It looks nourished and feels much softer.

Even after about nearly an hour, my hair still looks and feels the same way.
No signs of drying up at all. :) I have one happy head of hair. :D

Treat your hair to a cocktail, japanese style. Lotsa peachy lurrrve. <3


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