"relentless and not caring to be fly like a G6"

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Life has been a hectic blur. To sum it up, I've learnt quite a lot this year.

I've learnt that the working life isn't the same as being an intern.
While interning had been a ball of fun, work had been 30% fun with 70% of working your butt off.
Work has taught me that we shouldn't expect too much. And that at times, a person could make you hate something you loved doing. However, I learnt that resilience and strength from within will help trump the culprit's attempts at undermining your confidence and self-esteem. So yes, I have thought of just giving up but the voice inside of me (or rather, my pride) told me that I have to continue fighting.
And so I did, and I still am.

I've learnt how to let go of love, when it's not meant to be.
That shutting myself of from it is necessary because I needed it, and until I'm ready again, I'm one of those single but unavailable girls on the market. (sorry, boys) But love is love. When you're ment to fall, you will. And when you're ready, you will know. I've been through that, and I'm happy to go through it all over again.
It's just a matter of waiting for the one who's really worth everything, that would make my world quake till the stars fall down. :)

I've also learnt to start believing in my art again. I noticed that I've been a lil' rusty after not touching my pencils for nearly a year, since most of my time and energy then were fueled towards dramatic arguments and retail therapy right after. It felt good to finally get in touch with my art again during these few months. I've been driving myself to create things to please no one else but myself. And it felt good. :)
Aside from that, I've also started a Tumblr site where I can look for inspiration, and also all of the things I like. I think that's one of the best things I've gotten myself into this year. You can check it out here. (click)

I've learnt to not push away friends & family, especially after a brutal heartbreak. Because they're the ones who will make you feel as fly as a G6, and there isn't anyone else in the world who knows you better. They're the ones who would help you dust away the rubbles and show you where the building bricks are. They will then continue to encourage you to start building that broken house again, brick by brick.

Best of all, I've learnt how hard life is and that there's more to it than just work and fun. Those may seem the most vital, important things in life, but honestly, it's the little things in between that makes it all worth it.

My idea of good life is comprised of good taste, good art, good fashion, good music, good reads, good food, and great company. Life is good.


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