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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

I have been pretty busy but it felt good to have time for my art as well.
Just another artwork I did in my little black sketch book last week.

So, this artwork is aptly named Politics.
It's a combination of dadaisn, cubism and avant garde pop art.
It's very simply drawn with an Artline 0.5 and colored with good ol' traditional color pencils.
Not too much effort needed for this piece, it was more of a tension release for me, hence the multi-colored geometricals. 

So, what has colors and geometrical shapes gotta do with politics you ask?

Well, I don't know much about politics, in fact, I really hate politics (any sort of politics, really).
To me, politics is where everyone gets to put on a mask and start talking and acting like someone they wished they were. Just like any footballer, they have a goal. And their goal is to undermine their rivals, dig out secrets that would aid them to reaching that goal and play dirty whenever possible.

Problem is, you can't tell for sure between the sharks and the guppies.
It could be the vivacious and charming fella making small talk all around the room, the brooding loner with his untouched glass of whisky in hand, or the cool and collected dude in a suit, choosing his spoken words carefully without missing a beat. It could be ANYONE.

Just like the geometricals, they come in all colors and shapes. They all seem just as harmless as the next one but you don't know for sure. Don't ask, don't tell.
I don't know if you get what I mean, but those are just my thoughts.

My tattoo's 3 months old now and I had it touched up just last week.
I think it looks pretty fabulous now. :)

It still hurts like a bitch even though I already had a taste of how the pain felt like.
Needed my Blackberry to keep me occupied while Guns N' Roses blasted out loud in the background.

Yeap, this is me, pretty much scared and freaked out by the buzzing of the needle.


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