"we take and do not give back - humans"

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I recently received an email with this piece of news (whether it is true or false, I do not know for sure) regarding a certain part of the forest where the Native Americans (or what we call the red indians) lived, had been destroyed by multi-millionaire corporations who want to build towns and a freeway through it. That certain area has been described as a haven for many wondrous creatures, and what was hugely referred to as the 'garden of butterflies'. Billions of butterflies, moths and insects of the jungle fled their home when huge tractors and smoke gasses started filling the area. The damage is done, and it cannot be reversed. Even if those corp-heads promised to build a farm for the butterflies. The forest inhabitants' freedom has been taken away, just like that.

I can go on and on about the cruelty and thoughtlessness of humans.
But that has been said time and time again by many other people who are fighting to really preserve every living thing on our mother Earth.
So I thought I'd cut the long, winding talk, save my fingers and words for ignorant fools, and paint.

My recent artwork which I name Nostram Flutter is a mock representation of what people have done.
Nostram is a latin term for 'our/ours'. In calling this piece 'Our Flutter', it's focusing on the fact that we call nature as 'ours', is slowly disappearing from its natural habitat, and instead, appearing in a man-made world.
Look at all the animal/insect products that sits in our home, our laps, hanging around our necks.
We say we want to save mother Earth. But a vast majority of us wants parts of mother Earth to decorate their homes and clothes, be part of a fashion statement that would eventually lead to our Earth's destruction.

We take and we never give back. Despite the efforts of the few who really bothered to make the change, the destructive process is not halted but merely slowed by mere days, hours, even minutes.

Nostram flutter, the amount of flutters are numbered.

As always, here's the progress shots.

And finally..

Outlined in Artline 0.5, and brought to life with watercolors.
Touch-ups done with traditional pencil colors.


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