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Friday, January 07, 2011

I have been busy with waaaaaay too many things and I'm lacking a lot of sleep. Plus, I've been missing out on my dose of The OC. So many things to catch up to in my life.

But today, I'm just too tired to write about my day and woes, so I'm gonna post up a few photos of my art space and some of the things I've worked on there.

I loved my first acrylic art piece which is a frog. 
Will definitely post a more detailed post for this one soon.

My RM10 wooden palette from CzipLee Plus, just to make myself feel like a real artist. :D
I used acrylics on them so they're all dried out now, and unremovable.

See the mini easel in the corner with my first two acrylic artworks? I bought them today from CzipLee Plus as well. Seriously, they have tonnes of awesome art supplies. Jizzed in my pants when I'm in there.
I love their mini canvases, makes my artworks turn out so cute! :D

Have a great week ahead.


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