"bubbly under the sea"

Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's been a crazy busy week for me. I've been staying back late hours at the office, getting all my designs done and sent to print. But finally, all that is over and done today. I can now sit back and relax a lil'. :)

Here's something I did over the weekend before my crazy week started.
I call it Beautiful Dangerous.

Why beautiful - dangerous?
Because all things beautiful have a dangerous side to them, like jellyfish for example.
One of the more beautiful and serene underwater creatures, with their pretty little bubble tops where you can safely press and prod (but gently, please). Underneath all that silken beauty lies a web of dangerous tentacles.
Very much like the gold-diggers and whatnots of our species.

I had fun drawing this, especially the venom at the end of the tentacles - I remember doing this with multi-colored paint and a straw back in kindergarten. Good times. :)


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