"knowing your friends"

Sunday, March 06, 2011


That's an easy term to throw around, anyone can be your friend. Especially with Facebook & every other social networks, friends are easily found & forged. The one thing these social networking sites cannot control is the genuinity of your so-called friends.

I have had people who called me their 'friend' when in actual fact, I've only met them briefly once, or just happened to have them on Facebook but have never met face to face. So just like how people throw the term 'gay' around, people tend to do the same with the term 'friend'. I think some people just need to learn & understand that 'friend' is a very loose term. We may be labelled as friends but that doesnt mean I'd do things with/for you and share my secrets with you. No, that's only reserved for friends that I know and could trust.

What I've observed is that true friends can be found anywhere. It just depends on how committed you are to your friendship and how determined you are to stay connected with that particular person based on what you like about their personality and not based on the perks you get from being their friend. The more I grow up, the more I realize just how many 'friends' are just users, and how little (but precious) the genuine ones are. These genuine friends are the ones who'd still have your back even if the biggest world war had erupted between the both of you. They are the ones you think of whenever you feel like you need some cheering up, or even just a shoulder to lean on, an ear to talk to.

There's a point in everyone's life where they should take a step back, and reevaluate the people around them. Keeping the wrong 'friends' around you could actually affect  little changes in your life. I've seen it happen and I've since learnt how to categorize each friend and decide on what information to share with whom. It's just a precautionary step, since we only get to live one life, might as well be sure of what we're getting out of it right?

I'm pretty blessed to be surrounded by loving, trustworthy friends. Even more blessed I am to have an awesome family who's pretty tight-knit. :)

My cat's always been good at the whole best-friend handshake. :D


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  1. nicely said mish.
    frm tat article reminded me of this song.
    dedicated to u.

    well u have been a great fb fren of mine.u gota fren is me mish.xoxo.such a cutie cat.

  2. Haha, alright! Cheers guys. :)

  3. Haha, alright! Cheers guys. :)


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