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Friday, March 11, 2011

March 26th, Saturday.

On that day, you shall not check your Facebook.
You shall not post on Twitter.
You shall not watch a movie, nor shall you use your television set.
You shall not even read my blog.
All of the above for ONE HOUR.

Wait what?

Yep, Earth Hour is rolling around the corner and we should carry out our responsibilities to show our beloved Earth the love & dedication she deserves, by turning off the lights (and everything electronic) for one hour on the 26th. It only occurs once a year, though I really think that we should do it once a month.

What I love about this year is how the people from WWF (World Wildlife Fund) are using their creativity to execute a beautiful, creative direct mail promotion that features a custom candle.

The yellow candle is placed inside of a box designed to look like a building with all of its lights on. As the candle is removed from the box, the windows of the building go dark. This was done to encourage bigger corporations to partake in this global event, and according to their statistics, participation had increased 260% from 2010, thanks to this little candle. :)

I just love how they managed to implement those little people working in the office on each floor.

So, what's your plan for Earth Hour this year?
Mine's to simply just switch everything off, light lotsa candles and have a small party with my friends. :) Who knows, we might not even turn the lights on for hours if we have too much fun, which I'm sure we will.

Have a great weekend ahead!


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  1. @Asiafire : Yeah, I think it's very beautifully done.

  2. @Asiafire : Yeah, I think it's very beautifully done.


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