"mad mad mad about macarons"

Saturday, March 12, 2011

To be very honest, I have caught the macaron bug.
Yes, I am one of those people who are infatuated and slightly (okay, very) obsessed  with making the perfect macaron. I have been reading blog after blog and watching videos to mentally prepare myself in making these very very finicky but absolutely delicious sweet treats.

My first attempt failed grossly. My macaron did not look like a macaron. It looked more like a puberty-hitting teenager's face with all its pockmarks and uneven surfaces. As heavenly as it tasted, it was not what I'd call a macaron. It resulted in me throwing the whole tray away. Sighs.

Just look at how ugly, cracked and pockmarked my first attempt turned out. :(

I'm making my second attempt today, and I really hope it works out. Well, you'll know if it does.

I have been wanting to grab a copy of a macaron-making book, and I think this was the most comprehensive & highly recommended book out there.

The cover itself is enticingly sweet enough, and that title is just making me want to get this all the more.
I really hope they have this down at my local bookstore.

I managed to get a few sneak peeks of the inside, courtesy of Trissalicious. And I must say, this is one beautifully crafted and well-thought out book. I love books just as much as I love art and baking.
This is perfect.

I love this page the most. I hope to achieve such beautiful macarons soon.



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