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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hi, my name is Michelle & I am a Blackberry addict.

Even when I'm busy painting I keep my Blackberry close.

I sleep with it, eat with it, do my work with it, drive with it on my lap and I especially take it out to all the parties and shopping with me. I basically go everywhere with it, even if it's to the gym.

Seriously, is there anyone else who's just as addicted as I am to a cellphone - be it a Blackberry, iPhone, etc? It's like when I go out with my friends, all of us will be on our Blackberries busy with BBM, Whatsapp and Twitter. It feels like we CAN'T live without it.

So my point is, as much as we LOVE our phones, we need some breathing space from them. I decided to compile a list of things which are true to the T with a solution to overcome it. Of course I'm not telling everyone to give up your Blackberries/iPhones, just cut down the contact frequency with your phone by just a teensy notch.

Or what experts call EMR (electromagnetic radiation) that your phone's internal antenna emits when you're using your phone to connect, transferring data to cell towers. Based on the many researches, exposure to this sort of radiation may cause the development of brain tumors, genetic damage and other sorts of related conditions. However, there's always an ongoing debate regarding the truth behind these 'researches' but I'm not going into depth on what these debates are all about. Let's just assume that this is somewhat true and we should just try to cut down a little time with our precious phones.

- When not in frequent use, keep phone at a 6-inch distance from you.
- Switch phone off when sleeping. (Blackberries has an auto-start up alarm, so use it)
- Use a headset whenever possible. (Especially when you're driving)
- Use the loudspeaker when you can.

Yes, our phones collect the foulest, dirtiest sorts of bacteria from all around. Face it, most of us chuck out phones in our bags, touch it with our dirty fingers and sometimes leave it on dirty surfaces. We don't see the bacteria but that doesn't mean they're not there, and breeding (Eeks). Ever wondered why some people have really bad acne on their cheeks or the sides of their face? It's because of the bacteria from your phone - when you're using it to talk, they transfer over to your face.

- Give your phone a good wipe-down with anti-bacterial wipes weekly.
- Try not to let the phone rest on your face when talking.
- Change your screen protector every few months or when the screen starts to look murky.
- Try not to put your phone on a dirty surface, especially in restaurants.

I don't know how true those forwarded emails are, you know the ones about the exploding cell phones? Scientifically (and with a little common sense), it is possible as your phone's battery has a certain limit to an amount of heat it can be exposed to - so yes, under extreme heat, it might explode. Apart from exploding, over-heating your phone could cause your battery's lifespan to decrease much faster and your phone will heat up, causing it to lag. I know, because sometimes my Blackberry heats up whenever I overuse it - your hands has transferable heat and using your phone for an extended time will cause it to heat up.

- Try to keep your phone in your bag instead of your pocket where body heat emanates.
- For phones with silicone covers, especially on hot days, are likely to heat up so remove it once in a while.
- Leave your phone on flat, cool surfaces away from heat vents.

Always leave your phone on a flat, cool surface - especially when encased in silicone covers

One of the best things cell phones these days have is their ability to connect you with everything from emails to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Your fingers never leave the keyboard, not with all the million things you could update on the go. Which leaves us with this trend of people sitting at the same table but not talking to one another (I'm guilty!). Now let's just try to leave your phone down on your lap and start an ACTUAL conversation with the people around you. Don't be dubbed as an anti-social person.

- Unzip bag. Place phone in. Zip bag close. Start talking to an actual person at your table.
- Twitter & Facebook can wait. Focus your attention on those who matter more.

So remember, phones are a necessity but not in an excessive way.
Let's all just give our fingers a break, our phones deserve a rest as well. :)


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  1. is tat ur bb? without its iconic colourful casings.


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