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Thursday, May 26, 2011

You know those moments when you twist your brain in ways it can't be twisted, racking it up for gift ideas for someone or for a certain special occasion? It always happens to me as I always remember these things at the very last minute. And that's not the hardest part yet, that cake goes to getting the actual gift. The jams, parking and all that hassle, especially in Malaysia, I'd usually end up getting the crappiest gift from a nearby gift store.

Well you can forget sourcing high & low for things you may never be able to find on your own (or brave the jam to purchase them), let JONFACTORY.COM do the work for you.

They are a well-connected sourcing agent that are associated with the countries well-known across the globe for having everything under one roof, so you can totally leave the searching into their hands and await the good news, right from your very home, right in front of your laptop. Isn't that just darned well convenient?

Anything? Really? From that limited edition M. Jordan sneakers, off-market gizmos, unique party decor, up to Lady Gaga's wig - I dare say so. With JONFACTORY.COM sourcing across major mass-production countries, they're bound to hit the jackpot somewhere. Better yet, if you own an online store, a collaboration would be bound to bunk up your income. Money, I'm talking about money & a great partnership with a trusted source. What kinda business-running person says no to money, right?

Planning your ultimate party, be it a wedding or a birthday would definitely be a breeze. Imagine this, YOUR party made up of decors & door gifts which no one else would have ever dreamed of having at their party. Talk about being the talk of the town. Unique items to complete that dream of yours, these are your people to go to.

Best of all, JONFACTORY.COM  will handle the things which would give most of us a migraine - quality, holding & shipping. Forget about dealing with customs and sheafs of numbered papers to run through. Just kick back and relax while all these are being professionally handled.

Some of the many products from their store's line includes the platinum chariot, the darlings, the enchanting spiral, rose pillar, a ball of roses, the cake of hearts, doves in love, Annysia, and Aline. These are some of the delicate, exclusive and unique wedding & home decors available so far.

The platinum chariot is a personal favorite of mine. Loving the embedded pearls.

Lovely rose pillars, which I'm sure smells like a bed of scented roses.

Doves in love - I think this is something most newlyweds would love to have in their room.

So really, if you're seriously stuck in a rut with gifts when it comes to Christmas or Father's Day (which is soon!), rein in the pros and save your hair from falling out. :)

You may find out more about their products at www.jonfactory.com or you may contact them:

27-A-B, JALAN 17/45,

Email : inquiry@jonfactory.com
Text : +6012 205 6669


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