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Friday, July 08, 2011

I, of all people should know how difficult it is to get your butt off the couch and head straight to the gym. It's that feeling you get where you just wanna lay on that couch and watch some tv or surf the net. If only doing those things burns calories!

So, feeling lazy? Well, let's try to curb that habit together. I've got a few tips that may help lazy people like you and me make more use of our gym membership. It's all about switching your mindset. ;)

First of all, you have to want it - that hot bod or ideal weight you've always dreamed of - you have to want it enough to do something about it. Because to me, it's pointless to start doing anything IF you're just gonna do it half-heartedly. So how badly do you want it?

The power of visualizing something in order to make it come true is very REAL - so motivate yourself. For example, tell yourself that if you hit the gym at least 4 times a week this month, you'll reward yourself with a new pair of shoes by the end of the month. Or treat yourself to a yummy fruit smoothie by the end of a two-hour workout. Whatever that floats your boat. Visualize yourself enjoying your reward - and that hot bod you've always wanted.

Chant : I can do this, I can do this, I can so totally do this.

You still need to keep your head grounded and be realistic. All your efforts in the gym will NOT make you look like Gisele Bundchen. First of all, know your body type and find out what's the most ideal size or look you're able to achieve. Once you've settled on a realistic goal, keep reminding yourself - save it in your phone, print it and stick it on your wall, etc.

No one turns into a fitness goddess overnight, not even the freakiest gymmer. It takes time and effort so don't give up after just one month. It's not easy to stay positive when you don't see the results as fast as you want, but a realistic timeline at minimum should be set to 3 months before you even think of giving up. By the end of it, when you actually do achieve your goals, you can then stand up proud and tell the world, "I worked hard for this bod, I deserve to flaunt it." And hell yeah, you do.

For most people, the gym is just an outlet to lose weight and once they've achieved that, they forgo the gym altogether - until they put the weight back on again. Keeping fit should not be just about losing weight, think of it as a personal insurance for your health benefit for the years to come. The best would be to incorporate the gym as part of your routine so that you are more likely to stay fit throughout your life. Health is the best gift you can give yourself, remember that.

This may not work for some people but for me, I'm definitely more motivated when I have great looking workout gear to workout in. Call me vain or superficial but when you look great, you feel great - and that easily motivates you right there. (Trust me!)

Lovin' these kicks.

Music lives & resonates in the heart and soul of every person and the right sort of music in the right situation brings out the best in you. For the gym, I'd suggest heavy, fast beats that will keep you pumped up. My iPod is the most important accessory in the gym (aside from my water bottle) and I can never workout without having it with me. Also, invest in a good pair of headphones because I find that earphones tend to slip off too easily during a workout.

Honestly, everyone and anyone can tell you that the feeling after a good workout, all that sweat and worked-up muscles feels amazing. You feel lighter and more refreshed after a good workout. You even feel somewhat sexier. After bingeing on junk you just feel fat & guilty (been there, done that) so really, trust me, you'll love that feeling of working out more than eating that piece of cake. So think about those feelings whenever you feel too lazy to work out. Remember that AMAZING post-workout feel good vibe - your memory of that feeling will jolt your butt right off the couch.

Every morning, in Africa a gazelle wakes up - it knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning, a lion wakes up - it knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death. It doesn't matter if you are a lion or a gazelle. When the sun comes up, you had better be running.

Don't feel bad when you see someone hotter working out next to you or if someone else runs much faster or pulls more weights than you. Everyone has their own set of strengths and your stamina only goes up with each workout. Focus on YOU and the only record you should beat is your own from the previous workout. Don't let the gym-hotties intimidate you, you're in a gym for that reason, to lose the excess on you and to tune your muscles.

You will & you can get there one day.

One of the reasons people use to NOT hit the gym is because they need to catch their favorite tv programme at a certain time. Gyms these days are equipped with a HD tv-screen attached to the equipment. So, get off that couch and watch your show at the gym while doing your running or cycling. In any case if you gym lacks that facility, catch the reruns online after your workout. Ever heard of streaming? (I'm very sure you have) Use that as a workout reward of the day.

So really, I don't see a reason NOT to go to the gym when there are so many ways to work around your laziness. I have. I hit the gym at least an hour per day, five times a week.

What about you? It's your turn to get off that couch. :)


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  1. I love your blog. Especially the posts on health and fitness, as they're very honest and useful. Thank you! :)

  2. I love your blog. Especially the posts on health and fitness, as they're very honest and useful. Thank you! :)

  3. Thank you so much Lemon! Can't tell you how much your words mean to me. I hope my blog has helped you in some ways. :)


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