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Saturday, November 05, 2011

The average person hates exercise. I mean, who wouldn't prefer the TV and watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother as compared to sweating, right? Maybe you don't have a gym membership (or is thinking of getting one) or maybe you just don't have that same drive to workout like some people do. Maybe you just need someone to kick your butt and motivate you to hit the gym.

To make your life a tad simpler, I've compiled a short list of things you can do, to get your daily dose of workout. But bear in mind, these alone are not enough to help you shed serious weight off - it is however, a good warm up to kickstart your workout.

CAUTION: Requires an awesome amount of balls & imagination.

Have a crazy dance competition with yourself
Put on some crazy music, pretend like you're in the club and just dance your heart out in front of the mirror. Dance faster & crazier and try to beat your own reflection. It's silly but by the end of it, you'll feel that heart rate get all pumped up - and that's when you go out and run or hit the gym. (I recommend doing this when you have the whole house to yourself, to avoid your brother posting it up on YouTube)

Go for a run - and pretend it's a zombie apocalypse
Remember that 'white woman's workout' where she hires a guy to chase after her, pretending to be a robber just so she could get her running mojo going? Same theory applies here. Pretend zombies are after you and you're the last survivor. Otherwise, pretend you're being chased by a dog / dementors / clowns / psychos / your dentist. Just tap into your imagination.

Go back to when you're five
And organize a game of Tag or Police & Thieves with your friends or siblings. Our childhood is the most active time of our lives - we should go back in time once in a while.

Walk your dog
If you don't have a dog, offer to walk your neighbor or friend's dog. Enjoy the scenery while you're at it. Bring along a camera if you're into photography.

Phone squats
During a phone conversation with your friend, do some squats or lunges. See how long it'll take your friend to notice you getting out of breath from doing those amazing butt & thigh-shaping workouts.

Organize a water-fight competition
There is no better time to buy lots of balloons than when you're preparing for a water-balloon war. Get all of your friends to join in. It's cheap and fun. Play in the fields so that the water doesn't go to waste and you don't have to worry about hitting passing cars.

There are many more ways to make sweating more fun, while burning some calories in between. Just be sure to also do regular workouts when you can. Exercise shouldn't be something you dread so make it fun and keep it regular! ;)

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