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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's that time of the year. Chinese new year is right around the corner.
And where I come from, we go all out when it comes to food. It's pretty similar to Christmas - except that we get money in red packets instead of gifts. But the amount of food, it's just as delicious and just as bad for the waistline. One day we're all sexy in that form-fitting dress, the next, we're just bulging at the seams.

Over 20 years of massive indulgence when it comes to CNY, I had some sense knocked into me this time around and with that, I've come up with a guide to help myself and YOU enjoy the festivities & the food, without incurring too much weight gain.

For some reason, without fail, the sun will be relentlessly HOT at the average 32 degree weather - drying us all out. So, when you're on your visiting rounds, keep a small bottle of water to keep you constantly hydrated. Say no to the sugar-loaded packet drinks your hosts serve, instead, ask for iced water. Trust me, you don't need the additional sugar from the drinks to make you feel even more flustered and hot. Make water your best friend this festive season (and for eternity). Also, don't forget your moisturizer & sunblock for your skin!

CNY cookies. The biggest culprit ever. You visit 4 houses a day and suddenly you go home with an additional 1000 calories. No joke. Our delicious store-bought (or even homemade) cookies are loaded with butter & sugar - the two things that cause us to start blimping up. I'm not saying don't enjoy yourself, you can, by adhering to the 3-cookie rule. For each type of cookie you try, you can only have a maximum of THREE. Then move on or stop. It's hard to resist, I know but c'mon, there's always an abundance of cookies everywhere you go. Have more another day. If that's still too hard, just drink lots of water in between so that you'll feel too full to consume more.

It's the time where alcoholic drinks are free flowing from hour to house. Have a glass or two but stop at number two. Sip your beverages slowly and avoid downing them in one shot. Alcohol contains empty calories and empty calories are just plain, unnecessary calories you can do without. Even if you do go overboard, tone it down the next day. Just be mindful of your intake.

Chinese food is delicious - also because it contains a load of salt. Everything served requires salt and too much salt could cause you to bloat. Family reunion dinners can't be helped, you can't avoid the 9-course meals but, you can avoid too much salt intake. The trick is to ensure your liquid is double the intake of salt. Try to avoid drinking wine or champagne while at dinner, it will only make you thirstier. Instead, have some chinese tea or water and drink a glass (or two) for each course. Of course, you might be needing those loo visits pretty often, but course-dinners always allow some intervals between course.

Because chances are, when you're as hungry as a wolf,  you enter a party and everything in sight is sheep to you. You'll eat everything and anything until you feel like you're about to burst. Always have something light and fiber-rich before a party. That way, you only eat what you like without going overboard.

With any party, any dinner - watch your portions. My trick here is to use a smaller plate. When you use a smaller plate, you will feel just as full & satisfied but you're actually eating much less compared to using a regular-sized plate. When you head for your second & third helpings, that time interval gives your mind enough time to register that you're actually full so despite thinking that your plate is 'small' and that it's 'too little', it's actually just enough. Bigger plates will eventually lead to having too much - that's when you feel bloated from being too full. So, think small.

Just 6 simple rules to make your festive holidays a good one without making you feel bad after it's all over. Party safe, eat right, have fun and once it's all over - back to the gym & hit it hard.

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  1. You, my dear, are a very lovely, talented and yummy sexy girl. Lord have mercy!

  2. Thank you Eric, you're too kind! 


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