"an apple a day is just not enough"

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Apples are good for you, but apples alone can't keep the doctors away. You'll need more than just that to keep from falling ill.

You know what it is. More fiber-rich food, veggies, colorful fruits. Get educated on what nutrients some fruits contain that would be good for you and also food that helps your burn fat faster. Less of those white carbs like bread or pasta. It goes without saying but you will need a healthy input & output to stay strong & healthy.

Undeniably, you are 80% more likely to fall ill if you don't drink enough water. Trust me, nothing is more essential than water (except air) when it comes down to it. Basic survival, good health, shiny hair, etc - they all start from your H2o drinking habit - the best drinking habit there is. Stop taking in sugary soda drinks and alcohol that contains empty calories that don't do you any good. If the taste of water bores your to tears, jazz it up with some natural flavors.

I have to say, you need between 6-9 hours of sleep at the least. Under 6 hours you'll feel groggy, and really lazy to hit the gym because you're sleep deprived. Plus, your muscles will not have time to heal & rest properly if you've been working out the day before. So there goes one wasted day for a great workout. If you oversleep, say for 13 hours, you'll wake up feeling groggy & even more tired. That's because your body has been inactive for way too long, and you're even more likely to not hit the gym. So learn how to sleep right and sleep well!

Make this your daily routine. Even if you can't do it everyday, compensate with say, 20 squats before bedtime. You need to move move move everyday. Choose to walk your dog instead of walking the TV channels on the remote. Don't have a dog? Do some house chores like cleaning. Or check out my 2013 get-healthy-game-plan to start. Either way, move that ass!

Stick to my advice and you will be seeing Doc lesser and lesser. Stay healthy!

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