"quit being bitter for the better"

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Over a year ago, in June 1st 2011, I wrote about being reborn from the ashes after a really bad emotional breakdown in 2010. That very day & date was the start of changing & resetting myself, my thoughts and my expectations.

I have to admit, it wasn't easy. Matters of the heart are always much easier said than done.

However, right now, over a year later, I have to say that I owe it all to my epiphany on that day when I decided to reset myself. That day has lead to my utter abundance of love, happiness, security and positivity I possess today.

Perseverance and constantly being positive about everything in life, has given me the "magnet" to attract all the wonderful things in life that I know I deserve. I stopped telling myself I am not deserving, because at the end of the day, I AM. With that special "magnet" within me, I have made great progress with my career (my first promotion in 2013!) and have found the love of my life. I made a lot of new acquaintances and renewed friendships with old friends. I am at a healthy weight, and aiming to be a fitter gym bunny. Life is just amazing right now.

Of course, the good is nothing without first having to taste the bad. I learnt that your prospects will turn out in the same manner as how you face them. So don't face it with a bitter attitude, face it with all the happiness & desire that you deserve. It's a life lesson that can't be taught, but can be learnt when the heart wants to.

Right now, I am happy. Extremely happy. And eternally grateful.

Thank you.

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