Monki, Now Available In Malaysia

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Remember just over a month ago I was talking about Scandinavian fashion brand, Monki - sister brand of the very much loved H&M?

Good news fashionistas, for Monki has just hit Malaysian shores!

Yummy drinks from Cocktail Solutions.

I absolutely adore these raccoon bags and those cute kitty print shoes! 

There are just so many crazy, fun prints everywhere - perfect for the up and trendy gals, who dare to add something crazy into their wardrobes. Not to fret though, plain solid colored clothing are also a staple, but something bright, bold and yellow is a trendy must-have!

Had the privilege of spotting Sheena(left), winner of the recent Asia's Next Top Model.

DJ Nadia & Arabyrd, in the house!

If you're looking for the new in thing, this is it girls! Your one-stop fashion spot for Scandinavian street chic is running riot on Malaysian shores. It is open in Level 1, Nu Sentral Mall, KL.

Have fun shopping!

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